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New Balance X90: Sturdy running shoe inspired by 90’s design

While “dad shoes” and other chunkier models are shoes most associated with the 90’s, the designers at New Balance have chosen an alternative path to represent this decade with their NB X90. Their latest model with its slender silhouette and super, sporty design is set to rock 2018. As expected, the latest shoe will initially be released in grey beige, which has developed into a kind of hallmark colour for New Balance over the years.

The New Balance X90 is sporty, made from a one-piece construction and is incredibly lightweight.

The brand’s designers have once again opted for an elaborate combination of leather and mesh material for the upper, making the shoe a good option all-year round, but avoid wearing it in the rain or heavy snow – water getting into the perforations for ventilation may lead to wet socks! The NB X90 is a true running shoe that offers optimum comfort in dry weather. Don’t be fooled by its robust design, it’s totally lightweight. As mentioned at the beginning, this shoe has an elongated, sporty silhouette and although it has taken inspiration from 90’s designs, it is by no means a “dad shoe”.

As usual, the centre of the shoe features the classic New Balance Logo with some subtle reflective threads, bound to be another real eyecatcher. Another top feature is the shoe’s sole, which runs a little higher towards the back giving it a diagonal look from the side. Such cleverly positioned contrasting elements perfect the sporty style of the New Balance X90. The shoe also has a slightly higher cut, giving feet more stability when running, but does not limit them. The ventilated toebox makes the X90 a must-have on those scorching summer days.

Ideal for those who want to pay tribute to the 90’s through their sporty style.

The sleek design, curved sole and cleverly positioned contrasts on the NB X90 demonstrate the true craftmanship of the New Balance designers. The REVlite midsole provides both optimum shock absorption and cushioning, while the double laces on the front of the shoe can be adjusted to suit your own feet. Durable and sturdy but at the same time sporty, the New Balance X90 is capped off with front absorption technology. The result is an ode to the sporty 90’s which had so much more to offer than just “dad shoes”.