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New Balance 574

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Sales of orthopaedic insoles – the start of a success story

It took a long time for the sportswear manufacturer's famous, popular models to reach their present status with sports shoe and sneaker fans, such as the New Balance 574. Initially orthopaedic insoles were made, and not shoes. William J. Riley, a Boston shoemaker, was inspired by chickens; or to be more exact, by their feet. His orthopaedic insoles were designed in a three-pronged shape to improve balance when running. Unsurprisingly, he named his firm New Balance. Until 1956, the entrepreneur stuck to his plan and established the firm as one of the most renowned manufacturers of orthopaedic insoles. When he sold the firm to his daughter, and son-in-law Paul Kidd, they continued selling the special insoles.

The Trackster shakes up the market as the first progenitor of the NB 574

The company history changed dramatically in 1960, when Mr. and Mrs. Kidd astonished the public with a shoe of their own design, going beyond all standards set previously by running shoes. It was the first running shoe worldwide with a distinctly wave-shaped sole, produced in differing widths. The name was Trackster – from that perspective the first progenitor of the New Balance 574 – and everyone was talking about it. The new running shoe and the New Balance brand quickly attained cult status, and were amongst the most popular of their type. Many established sportswear manufacturers couldn't believe it when the Trackster from the New Balance range was very well received by athletes and sports organisations. Boston University, Tufts University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology equipped their teams with the New Balance Trackster. The Trackster was adopted as the unofficial shoe for the YMCA programme.

New Balance 574 and Co.: the Boston Marathon key to success

The foundations for today's hit models were laid when Jim Davis bought the firm at the beginning of the 1970s, for example the New Balance 574. Spurred on by the Boston Marathon and the increased interest in running, Davis and his team expanded the product range, and at the same time organised international sales. Their efforts were quickly rewarded and sales soon shot up; New Balance products were in demand around the world and still are! New Balance products are sold successfully in a total of 120 countries.

Sports shoe or sneaker: numbered NB 574 models enjoy cult status

The success story isn't limited to the sports sector. Take a look around you on the streets – the distinctive NB brand logo is sure to be seen on lots of feet. New Balance sneakers have an exclusive style, accentuated by extravagant colour combinations. The models are very comfortable to wear and have innovative technology. The most unique feature of all is the fact that the shoes aren't named, only numbered. Arthur Heckler began the trend, drawing attention to the brand itself and not to individual shoe models.

Footlocker offers you a huge selection of new balance models

Browse around our websites and see the large variety of New Balance 574 models, including the models completely in black or white, providing the sporty look of the NB 574 with an elegant touch. Do you prefer loud colours? You'll be the party sensation in the New Balance 574 Tech in screaming blue or variants with red trimming. Why not try a retro-look model with toned-down colouring? Whether for your running outfit or street style look – we have the right sneaker for your needs!