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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

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One Hundred Years of Cool

As American as apple pie, the Converse Chuck Taylor can trace its origins back to almost a century ago. It gets its name from Charles "Chuck" Taylor, a pro basketball player who had some strong ideas about the perfect shoe for his chosen sport. The resulting footwear dominated basketball courts all around the USA for over four decades. Later generations embraced the Converse All Star for its nostalgic value, but it has stayed fresh and relevant too, thanks to collaborations with style icons like Hello Kitty and Miley Cyrus.

Converse All Star in the limelight

Well in into the 1970s, the Converse Chuck Taylor earned its place in kit bags across America as a hard-working basketball shoe. During the 1980s it morphed into a must-have lifestyle accessory on the back of smash Hollywood movies like Back to the Future. Its slim looks have been much admired ever since.

What's Special about Converse?

The Converse All Star is one of those rare designs that stands the test of time. The original high top offered a combination of ankle support and flexibility due its canvas and rubber construction. These days, the shoe features thicker, more lightweight soles, but otherwise the design is much the same. As well as the classic look, it's available decked out in a variety of all-over prints, and special features.

Styling the Converse All Star

The point is to keep the look super casual. Try matching Converse Chuck Taylor shoes with a baggy sweater and jeans, or stay really basic with skinny leggings and a plain tee on top. Many girls like to pair them with a jacket and shorts for an around-town ensemble, but you could also edge up a date night dress or party frock with your favourite pair of Converse Chucks too.

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